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October 2018

Payday loans allow you to get money in minutes

The time to apply for funding requires a series of documents that can make the request is delayed some time while we look for the ID or bank account, we take a picture and send it via email or WhatsApp. The loans without paperwork speed up the entire process of requesting a credit, making it unnecessary to send any personal or bank document, so we will have the money beforehand in our account. Advances in technology have made it possible for us to eliminate this whole process and not have to send anything to get the loan.

How is it possible that without paperwork they grant us a loan?

As a general rule, in a request for a personal loan, we need to provide personal and bank documents that prove our identity and ability to cope with the repayment of the loan. This is done so that, on the one hand, the lender makes sure that we are the ones who actually request the loan and, on the other hand, that the entity knows our income. However, new identification technologies have allowed us to apply for credits without paperwork. That is, we can make the entire application online and without having to send any document.

This is possible because of the identification applications that allow the lender to corroborate that the data we have provided is real. These applications work as an intermediary between us and the lender. Its use is secure and accurate for a mobile banking account. At some point in our application, we will be asked to enter our profile of the application of our bank so that this other identification application collects the necessary information about our account and personal identity and passes it on to the lender. It’s a process that only takes a few seconds and saves us having to send documents. In this way, it is possible to actually request a payday loan via online lender Green-Touch.

Up to 4,000 euros in minutes with these loans without paperwork

We must bear in mind that not all credit companies work with these identification applications, although many of them do. So if we need money urgently, one way to accelerate the income is to take into account that the lender we choose works with these applications.

If we already use these applications of identification, we will have reduced the time in the application, but, in addition, there is a way to reduce the time of income of our personal loan. To do this we must ensure that the lender we choose works with our bank since money transfers between accounts of the same identity is almost instantaneous. This way we make sure that the money will really reach us in a few minutes.